Brentwood and Ravenwood High Students Take Environmental Science Outside

The City of Brentwood is helping Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science students take their learning out of the classroom.

The 10th annual Environmental Education Day was held October 18 at Deerwood Arboretum in Brentwood, Tennessee. Juniors and seniors from both Brentwood and Ravenwood high schools visited stations around the park, learning about everything from erosion control and water run-off to animals and microorganisms.

“This is huge in re-enforcing what we do on a daily basis,” said BHS AP Environmental Science teacher Doug Anderson. “We get experts in the field, engineers and scientists from the city, the county and the state to come present to our students on water quality issues and do hands-on activities.”

According to Anderson, the annual field trip provides his students with a unique opportunity.

“They’re learning so much,” Anderson said. “The park we’re in today is where environmental science happens. This gives our kids a chance to experience something they’ll remember for a lifetime.”

The students agree. BHS junior Madison Herbert says learning about environmental science from people who work in field makes a huge difference.

“It’s really beneficial over just sitting, reading a textbook and seeing statistics versus actually getting hands-on experience and being able to see how you’re affecting the planet,” said Herbert. “I’m interested in keeping the Earth healthy. It’s our job to not destroy it.”

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