Franklin Wins National Award for Educational Environmental Program

The National Association of Government Communicators has awarded the City of Franklin Communications Division and Water Management Department an award of excellence for last summer’s #FranklinGreasebusters campaign.

The campaign aimed to educate residents about preventing overflows within the collection system.

The city timed the release in conjunction with the release of the Ghostbusters movie last year and the City capitalized on the #Ghostbusters, #Greasebusters theme. The videos have more than 23,000 views on Facebook, and close to 1,500 views on YouTube. The videos are also shown to multiple citizen groups and schools during facility tours to educate the public.“We are honored to win this national award for this fun and humorous campaign,” said Communications Manager Milissa Reierson.  “Flushable wipes, stormwater runoff, food scraps, and grease are all problems municipalities encounter daily, and educating the public about those problems is sometimes the only line of defense.  Similar to the 2016 release of the Ghostbustersmovie, the City of Franklin created four short videos and graphic components for social media that communicate these main issues to the citizens of the City of Franklin.”

The public can see these videos at

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