Man Who Filmed Natchez Trace Cyclist Being Run Over by SUV Thanks Community

The man who caught the dramatic video of the Natchez Trace Parkway hit and run on camera talked about the terrifying moment with News 2.

Greg Goodman told us he is an avid biker and that he always has his Go-Pro on his helmet rolling, concerned something tragic like this could happen.

“I thought he was dead and I’m still shocked by it,” Goodman tells News 2.

Nearing the end of his two-hour bike ride with his friend Tyler Noe, Goodman captured an SUV on his Go-Pro hitting Noe.

“What you saw is what we feel. When you come past us you are carrying 5,000 pounds into us, which we have no way to survive,” he explained.

Goodman told us he was training Noe for his first Iron Man.

“He’s never been in clips before. He’d never been in, he hadn’t biked since he was a kid. So I thought what a wonderful place to teach him how to bike. The Natchez Trace, where we were biking, you’re allowed to ride in your lane and it’s posted as such. So I thought that would be a good place for Tyler to start out.”

Thousands of bikers frequent the parkway, where a number of signs are posted that say bikers may use the full lane.

“It’s a park, so it’s not a place you go to from Point A to Point B. The car is supposed to treat us like a car and go around us,” said Goodman.

At the moment of the crash, Goodman said Noe was passing him.

“We rode single file almost all day. At the moment of that attack we were clinging a hill, we were almost done and he was coming up beside me to kind of take the lead.”

Goodman says the driver intentionally hit Noe and kept driving.

“He just decided rather through rage, or through something against us bikers, he just decided he wanted to take one of us out. I’ve had a lot of close calls but not somebody that was aiming at me.”

Goodman credited the camera and the community for their support in helping track down the suspect.

He told us Noe was released last night from the hospital and is recovering at home, surprisingly only with cuts and bruises.

While Noe’s first reaction was that he is done with biking, Goodman wants to get him back out on a bike and even persuade him to still try for that Iron Man.

Goodman also told us someone from a bike company even reached out to offer Noe a bike. He was borrowing the one he was riding and it’s now destroyed.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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