Some People Have Concerns About Neighborhood Fireworks

While July 4 is still a couple of days away, you’ve likely already heard the booms from fireworks in your neighborhood.

The Huletts live in Franklin where they have a zero tolerance rule for fireworks.

“We have some friends that we go to, outside the city limits where it’s legal and do fire there on the 4th,” Randy Hulett told News 2.

Despite the rules, his family has still heard them ignited over the weekend.

“Have y’all heard people breaking the rules in Franklin? Oh, sure yeah.”

Without a warning, some people worry about those suffering from PTSD while others are concerned for their pets.

“Our dog doesn’t necessarily like it, but we are not overly concerned because there’s not that much abuse in our neighborhood. It will be for a few minutes. The kids get it out of their system and that’s about it,” he explained.

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The Huletts are one of many families buying bags of fireworks at the Fireworks Supermarket tent off Hillsboro Road. While you can’t buy fireworks in Franklin or Davidson County, business in Williamson County is booming.

The Brown family comes from Fairview every year for their supply.

“We just know these guys have a good variety and good prices,”  said Jason Brown.

In Fairview, fireworks are restricted to July 3 through the July 5 from noon to 11 p.m.

“Just a few day window and then, after that, everybody gets the cops called on them after that,” Brown laughed.

While it’s been a busy weekend for the Fireworks Supermarket tent they tell us the biggest days are still ahead. They will even be open on the 5th, offering discounts on the fireworks.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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