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Shelter dog finds home helping Alzheimer’s patients at Nashville center

Every day is Saturday to a dog, but a blue heeler mix in Nashville is providing a service to seniors one belly scratch at a time.

Brady works with Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Williamson County Animal Center, Nashville K-9, and Kelly Clarkson.

So far as a dog’s life goes, Brady’s got it made. Sun up to sun down his day is filled with treats, tricks, and more belly rubs than you could shake a paw at.
“Brady has a great life,” said Beverly Theis, clinical social worker. “He runs from household to household and has the run of the area.”Brady’s one of the newer residents in Abe’s Garden but already one of the more popular.

Theis has only known Brady for a few months now.

“[Kelly Clarkson] came through a few months ago. We were really honored to have her here,” she said.

“Abe’s Garden was such a cool thing, I had no idea about it,” noted Clarkson, during a recent show. “I kept asking them what more can we do? What do you need?”

“We said we we’re really looking for a dog,” said Theis.
Through his training, provided by Nashville K-9, Brady learned to be ready for anything he might encounter at Abe’s.Not long after started an eight-week training regiment for Brady, who was donated by the Williamson County Animal Shelter.

“Brady provides a lot of happiness,” noted Theis. “The wagging tail, just coming up to the residents.”

He also provides a homelike atmosphere. Brady, along with the center’s cat Sylvester, bring residents creature comforts of all kinds.

The blue healer mix is only four years old but will likely be roaming the halls at Abe’s Garden for many years to come.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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