Avery Browning Academic All-Star from Allendale Elementary

Nine-year-old Avery Browning is this year’s Academic All-Star for Allendale Elementary School.

The fourth grader moved to Williamson County from Knoxville just a few months ago, but she’s already making a name for herself at the school.

“Avery is a wonderful role-model who gives 110 percent each day,” said Allendale Principal Dr. Cindy Davis. “We are so proud to name her as our Academic All-Star.”

Despite missing multiple days of school so she could have surgery on her foot, Avery is not letting that hold her back especially when it comes to writing which she says is her favorite subject.

“I like to write because I love showing off my imagination,” said Avery. “My grandma bought me this book called Story Starters where you get to finish the story. I made up a story called The Mummy and the Doorknob where a girl on a field trip accidentally brings a mummy to life and they become friends.”

When she’s not writing, Avery can often be found pursuing her other passion.

“I love horseback riding,” said Avery. “I go horseback riding almost every Saturday. I really enjoy it, which is why I might want to do something with horses when I grow up.”

In the meantime, Avery says she’ll continue working hard because she knows it will pay off in the end.

“School is very important to me,” said Avery. “I think it will help me with a lot in life.”

Avery Browning

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