City of Franklin Encourages Voluntary Water Conservation

Citizens asked to use water wisely

Franklin—Over the past month and a half, the region has experienced very little rain.  The City is asking that the community use water wisely and voluntarily conserve water. Through voluntary conservation, we hope to reduce water usage and help us keep water demand at a level as we continue to experience these drought conditions.  We’re asking residents to limit excessive water usage by:

  • Eliminating washing of cars
  • Limiting grass watering and only watering after sundown or early morning
  • Checking plumbing and fixtures for leaks
  • Using brooms for cleaning sidewalks and driveways rather than water
  • Don’t overfill pools and hot tubs
  • Use less water to clean your home
  • Install water-saving devices

For additional information and tips on conserving water, visit our website at: to learn more.

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