More Businesses Fall Victim to Scam

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A business out of Texas is taking money out of the Fairview community and away from Fairview High students.

Sometimes going by ALLGOODS, LLC; SPIRITSTOP; SPN Sports Promotion Network, Fairview business owners report that someone calls and states that they work at Fairview High or represent Fairview High.

They promise the Fairview business name will be printed on t-shirts or balls that will be given out to students at the school. If some small amount of the product does arrive, it cannot be distributed for a number of reasons. In Fairview’s case, the Yellow Jacket is used by Fairview through a copyright agreement with Georgia Tech.

Fairview High Principal Dr. Kurt Jones says he has spoken with Fairview business owners who were upset to learn that a donation they believed was going to the school is really going to a company based out of Texas. Of course, the school never gets the donated money. This practice is against Tennessee law and is a fraud against the school.

“These people are preying on and misleading our Fairview businesses,” said Jones. “They are taking money out of our community and away from our students. I am pleading with Fairview business owners to call the school to verify that the individual contacting you to donate money is a legitimate representative of Fairview High School. I am heartbroken every time a new box arrives in my office, because I know our community members and our students have been taken advantage of.”

These businesses have received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau.

Below is a list of the companies we know have contacted Fairview businesses:

SPN Sports Promotion Network

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