Public housing development sees low crime rate

A local public housing development is sharing details about their low crime reports.

News 2 talked with the Director of Community Development for Franklin Housing Authority, Susan Minor. She oversees 288 public housing units and says neighbors benefit from the overall safety of a small town.

“We’re not a major metropolitan area. We still have a small town feel. A lot of our residents have been here for a long time,” explained Minor.

Sam Starnes, Sr. agrees. He has lived in the Spring Street and Johnson Circle Community for more than 10 years.

“I think we look out for each other, I really do,” said Starnes.

Minor says the biggest safety risk comes from the outside, people who come over but don’t belong here. They are placed on a ban list.

“If they do come back, they can be arrested,” said Minor. “We have had to do that and if someone allows someone into their unit that’s on the no trespassing list, then they put themselves at risk for their lease being terminated.”

Richard Wynn, who lives with his daughter, says he enjoys residing here.

“We’re pretty close knit people. I go to the store for Ms. Shirley, and there’s a guy right here if my car breaks down, and when I had a lot of issues he used to help me,” said Wynn.

News 2 checked the Franklin crime stats, and in the last six months the Spring Street development had a trespassing call, three assaults, theft from a vehicle, and one incident of property crime.

Courtesy of WKRN Nashville’s News 2

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