Summer Fun at Lipscomb Elementary’s Encore Camp

Dozens of Williamson County Schools students are enjoying summer enrichment activities at Lipscomb Elementary’s annual Encore Camp. The first week of camp was held June 25-29 and featured classes for everyone.

“The children get excited about doing fun activities geared around their own interests or even learning about something new they haven’t tried before,” said LES Encore Camp Director Cynthia Gatlin. “Every class is very hands-on and less structured than most classes during the school year.”

The classes involving food were big hits as usual, but students were just as eager for the Harry Potter and Star Wars classes this year, among others.

“For the last few years, our most popular classes have been our escape class, the sports classes and any classes that include making sweet treats,” Gatlin said.

For Gatlin, the best part about directing the camp is seeing how much fun the students are having.

“Our morning recaps always show me how enthusiastic the children are and remind me of how great it is to be able to offer this opportunity every summer,” she said.

The second week of Encore Camp will take place July 9-13.

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