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2019 Franklin Citizens Survey

The survey is back! Starting the week of February 4th, 2,800 randomly selected households in Franklin will begin to receive notifications that they have been selected to participate in the 2019 Franklin Citizens Survey. The Franklin Citizens Survey is part of the National Citizens Survey. The National Community Survey (The NCS) is the gold standard in community assessments today. This benchmarking, community survey provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of livability and resident perspectives about local government services, policies and management. The NCS is conducted in hundreds of communities in nearly every U.S. state.

The NCS uses scientific survey methods and best practices of the modern day to guarantee valid findings and puts your results into meaningful context. Drawing from the largest resident opinion database of its kind, representing well over 30 million Americans, The NCS compares local results with benchmarks compiled from surveys conducted across the U.S.

2019 Franklin Citizens Survey Timeline

The anticipated timeline of the survey will be as follows:

– February 5th – 19th – Survey respondents notified & surveys mailed

– March 12th – Survey opened online to all citizens to take

– March 26th – Survey closed

– Early May – Survey results announced

Stay tuned to hear and see more about this through social media and the City’s website. And be ready to voice your opinion on how you think Franklin is doing!

2016 Franklin Citizens Survey Results 

The results are in! In October and November of 2016, the City of Franklin partnered with the National Resource Center to perform a community-wide survey of Franklin residents to get their perspectives about the quality of the community and available services as well as residents’ priorities for Franklin.  A random scientific sample of 3,000 households received surveys their confidential responses were weighted and analyzed to determine just what a representative sample of Franklin thinks about the community, governance and participation.

Highlights of the survey:

– Almost all residents rated the quality of life in Franklin as excellent or good – 97% combined. In fact, compared to national benchmarks (and over 500 other cities participate in this survey), Franklin ranks 8th in the nation for quality of life.

– 97% of residents rate Franklin as Excellent/Good as a Place to Live. In fact, compared to national benchmarks (and over 500 other cities participate in this survey), Franklin ranks 13th in the nation for a place to live and 3rd in the nation for overall image and reputation.

– 93% of residents rate the overall quality of City Services as Excellent/Good. Services provided by the City were rated by citizens as mostly higher than comparative benchmarks. Franklin ranks 8th in the nation for Overall Confidence in City Government compared to other cities/jurisdictions.

– 82% of citizens feel the Sense of Community is either Excellent/Good. This is higher than national and comparative benchmarks. 87% of residents indicated they had not reported a crime and 95% had not been the victim of a crime.

– Less than 1 in 10 said they had used public transportation & 4 in 10 residents reported they had walked or biked instead of driving.

– 7 in 10 residents indicated they had participated in each aspect of Natural Environment and Built Environment.

– 2/3 said they had attended a City-sponsored event or participated in religious or spiritual activities, both levels were higher than the benchmark comparison.

– 84% rated their satisfaction of the City’s management of growth as either Very or Somewhat Satisfied.

We won! 

National Citizens Survey Voice of the People AwardThe City’s outstanding results in multiple categories caused it to receive the 2017 Voice of the People award for Excellence in Education and Enrichment. The Voice of the People Awards stand alone as the only award given in local government based on community opinion. The perspectives of the residents themselves determine nominees for the very best of Community Engagement, Safety, Mobility, Foundations of Livability, Recreation and Wellness, Education and Enrichment, Natural Environment, Built Environment and Economy. Of the communities that participated in The National Citizen Survey in 2016, winners and finalists for Excellence in these categories received the highest overall levels of satisfaction from residents. Thank you!!!

2016 Franklin Citizen Survey Documents:

There are seven (7) Report Documents plus the PowerPoint staff presented to the BOMA in January 2017:

– Presentation to BOMA (January 24, 2017)

– NCS Next User Guide

– Dashboard Summary of Findings

– Community Livability Report

– Demographic Subgroup Comparisons

– *Supplemental Web Results

– *Report of Open-ended Questions

– Technical Appendices

 * These reports contain anonymous citizen responses to question of what is the most pressing issue in Franklin today. They are presented verbatim and have not been edited in anyway for content.

THENCS_300DPI copy

About The National Citizen Survey:
The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™) was among the first scientific surveys developed to gather resident opinion on a range of community issues, and has been used in more than 350 jurisdictions across 46 states. The NCS™ is a high-quality cost-effective scientific survey of resident opinion and an important benchmarking tool that allows for comparison among communities. Communities using The NCS™ have reported that the tool helped improve performance, strengthen communications with community stakeholders, and identify clear priorities for use in goal and budget setting.

About National Research Center, Inc. (NRC)

NRC is the leader in the field of public sector research and evaluation, with clients from across the country and around the globe. The firm is comprised of a skilled team of social scientists who supports cities, counties, foundations and nonprofit organizations in using research to help communities thrive. NRC pioneered the development of The National Citizen Survey™ (NCS), and continues to offer a suite of products designed to enhance the public voice and aid local decision-making.


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