The results are in from across the state, and Williamson County Schools is once again the top-scoring school district with more than one high school in Tennessee.

As first reported last month, the WCS class of 2017 set a new district record with an average composite ACT score of 25.2.

Seventy-nine percent of WCS students who took the exam scored a composite at or higher than 21. They also scored, on average, at least 4 points higher than the state average for each section of the ACT.

“The fact that 80 percent of this student cohort scored a 21 is phenomenal,” Dr. Charles Farmer, assistant superintendent of secondary schools. “All of these students are now eligible for the HOPE scholarship. If one of our goals as a district is to prepare our students for affordable post-secondary opportunities, this indicator suggests we are on the right path.”

According to the Tennessee Department of Education, public school students in Tennessee achieved an average ACT composite of 20.1, which is up from the 2016 average of 19.9.