School Zones

Where Are the WCS School Zones?

The Williamson County School Board establishes school zones for the district. School zones may change when a building becomes over its student capacity or when the district opens new schools. Due to rapid growth in Williamson County, we can only guarantee school zones for one year. Please note that you must reside in Williamson County to attend Williamson County Schools.

School Zones and Bus Information by Street Address

Find your zoned school and bus stop informationthrough Infofinder. To view information about your address and bus stop information, enter your street address while abbreviating the street type. For example: enter Rd. for Road or St. for Street. Leave the zip code field blank and submit your information to view school and bus stops.

Out of School Zone Requests

To request your student(s) to attend a school they are not zoned for, please complete our Out of  Zone online application for consideration and processing. Follow the instructions listed to create an account and complete the application request. All correspondence regarding the request status will occur through email once you register and submit the information.

2019 - 2020 Approved Rezoning Plan
2019 Approved Rezoning Plan for Nolensville
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